Woman Puts Poison On Her Vagina To Kill Her Husband When He Went Down On Her

“I told his ass not to f*ck around on me and be f*cking other b*tches behind my back, I bet won’t do it no more”

Said an angry Beatrice Walker who put poison on her vagina to try and kill her husband.

The poison was a rat based liquid she found on google that she thought would leave no trace but she was wrong.


“I knew something was wrong when he wouldn’t leave the house to come get this p*ssy, he know we always f*ck Thursday”

His mistress Valerie Greene stated in court documents as to why she knew something was wrong after she hadn’t seen Mr. walked in 4 days.

Beatrice was charged with attempted murder and faces 15 years in prison. She is being held on $150,000 bond.

Mr Walker says:

“I still love my wife but I ain’t eating or drinking sh*t she give me ever again not even a bottle of water”

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