Winner of 1.5B Powerball Jackpot Dies of Cocaine Overdose, Partying with Hoes

Chino Hills, CA – 1 of the 3 $1.5B Powerball jackpot winners was found in his new multi-million dollar home dead of an accidental cocaine overdose.

32 Year-old James Hugston was 1 of the 3 lucky winners to hit the billion dollar jackpot. He received an estimated $327 million lump sum. Now most people are aware it takes 4-8 weeks to collect your money after you put in a claim. But Mr. Hugston couldn’t wait and took out a loan from a money lender to start blowing his millions immediately. His first purchase was a multi-million dollar furnished home.

Rick Kingston a close friends of James said he was trying to keep his identity a secret and was doing it well by quickly moving out his 2 bedroom apartment where he lived with his girlfriend who he broke up with once he won.

At the multi-million dollar home where James Hugston was found dead over a kilo of cocaine was found close friend Rick Kingston said “James went crazy fast! First he bought this huge house then cocaine and invited over 10 hookers from backpage” a website know for prostitution.

It is unclear what will happen with the remaining of his winnings James Hugston only has 1 living family member his 60 year old mother Melissa Hugston who has not commented on this tragic situation.

Scroll down and let us know in the comments what you would have done with the money?

  • Heidi Keating


  • Kimberlee Lacey

    Wow…. What a waste.

  • Jackie Bethea

    I can’t lie that would probably be me too lol

  • Judy Portugal


  • James Mendez

    the 8 ball…..after winning powerball….lol

  • Change-the-laws

    I don’t know about everybody else but I would have made investments not just blow all my money on women and drugs smh some people don’t deserve to be rich.

  • ShwMeGirl

    Stick to bud, ain’t no body gonna die from smoking the green, if I won 1.5 bill, shit I would have a house made out of bud then I’d burn that fucker down!

  • Eileen Ross

    well I wouldn’t want to make that mistake that this dumb-ass did, and it isn’t a part of being so happy you won,that right away you do drugs, must have used drugs before all this,

  • Kim Taylor

    You see that money would have been put to better use in my hands. I did buy a ticket and had already day dreamed, like we all had, of how I would spend it. But instead of blowing coke and waisting it on mansions and hookers I had planned multiple donations to area churches, family, friends and homeless people I have previously helped. Of course I would have paid off my house, started a business and put some away for my daughter and a rainy day but I wish more to help others than myself. I guess god had other plans

    • MsTweetie

      No disrespect Kim so please don’t take offense.. But in this case I don’t think this was “God’s plan”. He gave us free will, as I know you know. And this fellow chose to throw his life away (and those millions) by exercising that free will.

    • yourseviceman

      God will reward you for your great heart . Wish I had a friend like you. Peace

  • Cecily Pate

    First thing I would have done was get my son the best urn they had! And then buy a vehicle for my kids

  • Hiram D. Walker

    Give this man a Darwin Award…he earned it outright! On the other hand, it looks like The Onion has some competition…

  • Tanya

    What an absolute moron! Obviously not a nice dude in the first place, dumping his girlfriend, karma is a bitch!! Feel sorry for his mum though , firstly she lost her son and has to deal with that loss, and secondly she now knows what a dick she raised

  • Marco Axel

    I’m still amazed that the couple in Tennessee claimed their ticket that quickly and didn’t bother to be anonymous in any way. I hope for the third guy’s sake they continue to wait as long as possible to claim it after they’ve figured out every way to be as anonymous as possible (including temporarily changing their name if possible).

  • Breck

    If my parents would have won, the car I bought with my own money that got totaled and that would have been fixed which is only $1,500. And then I would finish my junior and senior years of high school online. We wouldn’t waste money on multimillion dollar homes, we would move into a nicer part of our city. I would still fund my way through college with local scholarships and A+ to get my nursing degree, but then I’m sure my parents would help me out while I volunteered in the Peace Corps which is my dream. It’s possible to remain humble and not blow the money. If some sort of miracle were to grace my lower middle class family it would improve our lives and help us help others by donating money and furthering my chances of making a difference in the places I volunteer.

    • Mike D.

      Way to still want to take scholarships from those who wouldn’t have 1.5B in the bank. Glad you didn’t win.

    • denniscerasoli

      If you won and cleared over 3 hundred million your thinking would take a hit,you say you would have fixed the car you have now and just move to a better section of your city but it wouldn’t work out that way.The first thing that would happen is hucksters would be knocking on your door day and night with scams on how to invest your money,your friends would be all over you as well as people you don’t even know.I watched a video just yesterday of one lottery winner of over 100 million and he had to go in hiding,anyway we can say a lot of things and can maintain our position because we didn’t win,lol

      • H. Vandelay

        Right on track there. First thing I’d do is go to Wallyworld and get a phone… with cash. Next, vacation time. Post security at the house and call the moving company, because that address isn’t safe anymore. (Proof in the pudding will be that couple in Tenn. that says they will keep their jobs and stay where they are… we’ll see about that.) First call is the attorney. He’s going to claim the prize for me (but I bought the ticket that provides anonymity… that doesn’t matter)
        Next, the bank. New account and accountant. Next call is a real estate broker/builder in Nowhere Oklahoma. Most of the house will be in a custom bunker. Nothing extravagant. modest but a minimum of 50 acres. After it’s built and I’m back from vacation, settle in and live off the interest alone.
        Oh, and I take the annuity instead of the lump sum… and bind the annuity to my youngest child. (Ah but won’t that corrupt the child?) That’s what the attorney is for! 😉 Next stop (Which there is none from home) futures, commodities, stocks and bonds.

        • denniscerasoli

          That is pretty much what i would do,right away take a vacation and let my head clear because the vultures will hit hook line and sinker,lol

  • Eruanion Nolaquen

    this is why you need a plan for the money. Even if you never win, have a plan.

  • Michael Destefanis

    Very sad for his mother only living relative. Has lost her son to drugs. We all make silly decisions in life unfortunately this poor guy doesn’t get a second chance. Money is the root of all evil though we just can’t seem to get enough & when we do, we do foolish things.. Sad……

    • Ron

      The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Reagan Pingy Bloom

    it’d be a good way to go out but hehehe out with a bang and then a coronary 😁

  • Lexi

    I would buy a house for my mom and put money away for her to live off for the rest of her life , also pay for the best doctor to make her unsick. After that I would travel the world with my boyfriend take advantage of the money well it lasts , also I would give a portion of the money to the less fortunate everyone deserves to be happy . And what ever is left I will put away for my children.

  • Cesley M Okosh

    I would have put my life together then helped the homeless and the starving kids and donated to orphanages I wouldn’t have bought a big ass house I would have just made my life comfortable and gave a lot of it away to the people that are struggling if this is a true story that idiot was a waste of space and if his moms takes the money I hope she puts it to some good use

  • kealii8

    powerball website says no one from cali claimed the money so is this real?

  • American

    What an idiot!

  • Randall Davis Barfield

    This is hard to believe. I do hope his mother will benefit from at least part of the money if it is indeed a true story.

  • denniscerasoli

    If this is true it shows that money doesn’t automatically make you a millionaire in the mind.Many people have blown their winnings regardless of how,the real millionaire is the one that keeps it and adds to it,i swear sometimes i think that the wrong people win the lottery,lol.

  • Anita Faye Erickson

    Give the rest of that money to someone who deserves it like his mom! It’s not her fault her son turned out to be greedy! I personally would have waited the 8 weeks for the money, in the mean time I would have been searching for a house. Then when I got the money paid off all my bills, and share the money with my family and my neighbors.

    • HeroOfTime

      The sad thing is that she’s going to have to use it on his funeral. No mother should have to bury her child.

    • td36playrite

      Lottery give winners of that amount a check for $10 million dollars immediately so I seriously don’t believe this article is true!!

  • HeroOfTime

    sounds like his ex girlfriend got the long end of the stick.

  • Brivvy

    Damn what a waste should have gave me that money!

  • Mike

    I’m contacting Discus to let them know you’re changing people’s comments on your story to say other things, in violation of their rules. Also, your sad, bad attempt at satire is pathetic.

  • Mike

    This is some of the most poorly written satire I’ve ever come across.

  • DangZone

    yay another bullshit website with bullshit info that gullible idiots spread all over facebook.

  • Thomas Madden

    I would’ve gotten a kilo of cocaine & 10 hookers from backpage.

  • Paul Huffman

    If would have won. Would have paid off debt, fixed up home. A vacation, savings, and maybe would have retired early or at least cut down on working. Hookers, and drugs, what a waste. Might as well throw in the garbage, because that’s all that is.

  • Mike Cameron

    This just goes to show money is not always answer to so sad smh

  • robertrobinson

    hookers and coke, meh. i would have gotten a flight to mars and back on Virgin Galactic when they go there

  • MsTweetie

    What I find unfreakingbelievable is that he “took out a loan from a MONEY LENDER to start blowing his millions immediately.”!!! Not one of those “payday” loans I hope. Regardless, THEY are now out of their money unless they sue his estate. His dumping his girlfriend immediately after on top of that move tells a lot about his disgusting character. If I were to win in the neighborhood of this fellow’s $327 million amount,, my family would be first to give money to. I’d certainly go on a long cruise vacation, buy THE car of course, and a new home. A big one. I would help out friends, and give to LEGITIMATE charities. NOT those who claim to help others but line their own pockets with donations. There are more out there than you would believe. Before all that, I’d make sure I had a good lawyer AND a will so the damn gob-met couldn’t get their hands on ANY OF IT! Oh well, we can dream can’t we. But our odds dying in an airplane crash are higher than winning almost a quarter of a billion bucks!

  • Topic_goes_here
  • Shari Francis

    I wouldn’t want that much money. Apparently it has a side effect; being a gigantic asshole!!

  • Tammy Fry Garding

    I would have used it to help my family and church, plus give away a bunch to charity.

  • T2ed

    LOL>>>>>jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj…..a douche bag to the end….hope the dope wears off and he wakes up 6 feet under….

  • Disgusted Citizen


  • Moses Cowart

    all i can say is what a fu@#ing… IDIOT..

  • Richard Filkins

    I would have bought a nice house,cars and some watercraft and envested wisely and lived a happy comfortable life and pay for my kids to go through college

  • John Christensen

    Personally, I’d be dead in hours after having that kind of money. Is quit my crap job and party like a maniac… I’d nix the Backpage skanks though


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