Will Smith Tells Jaden Change Last Name to His Moms Since He Wanna Be a Female

“I already have a daughter. Her name is Willow and she has a v@gina. The doctor checked.”

Said will about his son becoming the face of Louis Vuitton women.

Will Smith wasn’t very happy with Jaden becoming the face of Louis Vuitton Women and said he’d rather his son take his moms last name since he wants to be a little lady.

“I’m from Philly and my son out here looking like Meek right now. Getting f**ked by light skin n*ggas” – Will Smith


Is Will showing that he’s really from Philly and being very Meek Mill or is he just showing his son some tough love? Let me know in the comments below…

  • Mary E. Townsend

    Jaden is being himself I don’t know why Will cannot accepts it

    • denniscerasoli

      I will tell you why,he already has a daughter but she will carry another mans name while Will wants a son to carry his name,that is why he wants him to take his mothers name,it is very disappointing to a father when he has a gay son or daughter,they may accept it because they love their children,but they will never be happy with it on the inside.

      • Mary E. Townsend

        that’s a good point

      • Ivan

        Well, because will smith is actually closeted homosexual who got brainwashed by Religous people.

        • denniscerasoli

          Opinions do vary and a good brain washing may be needed,it’s called cleaning up your act.

          • Ivan

            The only people who need to clean up their acts is Religious Bigots in North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi. Not me.

          • denniscerasoli

            I wasn’t talking about you Ivan,it was a figure of speech not directed at you.

          • Ivan


        • Ronald Simmons

          how do you know you been with him?

          • Ivan

            Trust me, I what his sperm taste like.

          • Ivan

            How did you not know?

      • SmokeyPancakes

        Then don’t have children. Simple.

    • Ronald Simmons

      define “himself”

  • http://instagram.com/khosi4v Vela Xanko

    Uyagula lo Jaden

  • denniscerasoli

    Evidently not everyone in Hollywood is so liberal with the alternate life style stuff.

  • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

    another sicko that needs to be made into soylent green.

    • Stevo

      You mean Will.

  • Vera Lough

    Will should have nipped this in the bud when little jaden was young. he allowed his son to become whatever it wanted to be. he and his wife pampered and spoiled those kids, and exposed them to so much freedom, which you cannot not do with children. you reap what you sow. sorry will, if you wanted a man son, you should have taught him to be a man!

  • Mike Quintana

    LMFAO … This goes to the parents period I saw this a long time ago .. which means his son an daughter had way to much freedom to much indulge ments instead of being a F n parent he was running around like a fool worrying about himself his company just like his wife … see if you really care about people when others of your race ask you if you could help them get a raise and you are the main person on the show but you won’t help your own race your pathetic … hence his problem now with his son… a man always wants a man to continue his name end of story.

  • terry brown

    Affluenza like a motherfucker. Lmao what the fuck is going on in the world today? 😂😂😂
    This boy has lost his fuckin mind. #ICantRightNow

  • LusciousDC

    Well when you let your kids raise themselves, this is what you get.

    • Ronald Simmons


  • Miriam Page

    Not fair to be upset with him when you allowed him to raise himself. He is a Smith u allowed them to have ur son deal with it.

  • Ronald Simmons

    About time he said something. His son his trippin

  • Kathryn Paine



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