Mom Beats 16 Yr Old Daughter Like a Slave for Being a Thot on Facebook (VIDEO)

A video on Facebook shows that there are still mom’s out there who understand right from wrong. After mom catches her 16 year old daughter having sex in the house mom decides to teach her daughter a lesson. At the beginning of the video mom has a yardstick, and she is verbally berating the girl for fucking some guy in her house.

Mom starts hitting her daughter with the yardstick while berating her for posting pictures on social media in just at towel, and pictures which show the boy was in the house. When the daughter lies about the boy being in the home the mom drops the yardstick and starts smacking the teen, telling her that the photos show she is lying. The mom then tells her daughter that the girl is nasty as hell, and how the fuck could she post this shit on Facebook.

The girl is sobbing and holding her face where she was smacked at this point. The mom tells the girl that since she wants to embarrass her mother on social media then she can be embarrassed on social media as well.

During the video the mother tells her daughter to get her grades up instead of spreading her legs and trying to sell herself on Facebook, and the mom makes it clear that she will not tolerate her daughter being a thug or a slut cause that shit ain’t cute. So far the video has 4.5 million views, with comments both condemning and commending the mother.

It is obvious that this mom loves her daughter and wants to keep her from going down the wrong road but some think she may have crossed the line because of how many times she smacked, hit, and punched her daughter in the video.

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