Man Accidentally Kills Himself While Taking Selfies With A Gun


damn Bruh…

It’s a bizarre and tragic case. A Washington state couple were in a residence taking selfies with a gun, when their photo shoot came to an abrupt end.

The unidentified 43-year-old man and his girlfriend were loading and unloading the gun throughout the day. Police say, on the last go-round, the man didn’t realize that there was still a bullet in the gun and he pulled the trigger for the pose. The man shot himself in the face and unfortunately, died. His death is being investigated as an accident.

It seems people are pulling absurd stunts in efforts of chasing IG (Instagram) likes. As a result, death tolls for trivial reasons, such as selfies; has actually grown! Remember when people were planking in dangerous places to get a good picture? Last year, Conde Nast Traveler reported that there were more deaths by selfie than shark attacks! That’s just crazy.

Wikipedia even has a cataloged list of all the ways people have died by selfie. Some of those ways include: standing on train tracks, standing near the edge of a cliff, being trampled by animals, and other gun accidents while in pursuit of the perfect picture.

It has become so dangerous that the Russian government actually published a guide on how not to die while taking a picture.
It’s just never that serious, y’all. Be safe with your selfies. Happy picture-taking.

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