Jaden Smith to have Penis Removed on 18th Birthday

“Just another step toward blurring the gender lines. Without a penis I’m neither male or female. I’m a human being.”

Said Jaden Smith about the news to make the big chop on his 18th birthday.

Jaden tweeted to his millions of Twitter followers that upon turning 18 he would have his penis removed and dipped in gold as a trophy for his room.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since 13, but once I’m legally able to control my own finances I can make my penisless dreams come true” – Jaden Smith

Jade says he will also drop the ‘n’ off of his name and become just Jade once the surgery is final.

  • Marco Axel

    A life with no sexual organs just to be gender neutral….wow

  • American

    Hollywood claims another

    • denniscerasoli

      Yea it appears that way.Will Smith is pissed because he is as straight as an arrow.I can hear Will now asking himself why was i so liberal,now that it has come home,to late Will.

      • runnerin1

        Did you just say Will Smith is straight as an arrow??? You might want to do some research. The man is gay.

        • denniscerasoli

          The fact of the matter is that Will Smith is pissed over his son wanting to cut off his penis so i figured that Will was straight.I think that most in Hollywood are at least bi sexual so i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Will liked a bit of both,not surprising.But that being said,how would you know for sure? I wouldn’t doubt it but how could you be so sure?

  • Kay W

    I think they need to get him some therapy because it something definitely wrong.

  • Jeffrey Fields

    I guess I was wrong, this wack-job does want to do something for the betterment of mankind.

  • MsTweetie

    WTF!! He’s STILL considered “human” whether he chops off his ‘junk’ or not! He’ll still be male wouldn’t he? Seriously, I’d like to know. He’s got the male chromosomes, although I’m not sure if he would still produce testosterone? This kid is going to grow up and at age 35 , meets the woman of his dreams, and is going to ask himself “WTF did I do that for?? And no, a “dipped in gold” penis cannot be re-attached. Like that Lorena Bobbit’s husbands’ was. But HIS was still salvageable way back then.

    • MsTweetie

      Nevermind… I go my questions answered. I just came from the article on the right “Young Thug Asks Jaden Smith to be His Valentine”. Sounds kinda sick to me.

      • Newton Paul

        Lol well said. What does his father Will Smith have to say about it?
        If I was his father, I might arrange a disvirning party let him know how cool to be dick worthy feels.
        Rich kids and their crazy problems.

      • BlackTar100 .

        I was just going to say, Jaden seems kinda gay.

  • Georgia Devine

    I just have no words for this one.

  • crystal stoner

    Wow Scientology is messing this kid up, what the hell is wrong with his parents to allow all this bs to be put into his head get him some therapy NOW

  • SmokeyPancakes

    Is it sad that I’m not sure whether this is a satirical site or not?

  • Syntheah

    omgx brave boi i wanna chop my peepee off too <3

    • Kem West

      Your sic..praying for you

  • T2ed

    jaden smith is turning out to be one sick home boy…. glad he will be the last of his sorry kind after the dickie removal….will smith is one stupid father for bringing up his children clueless and absolutely retarded…better bring him to the Philippines …we will cut off his dick without anesthesia and with a rusted dull knife… we will also turn him into a bitch and show him a really great time…

  • Vera Lough

    this kid is fubar! his daddy should of wacked him at birth! his parents should be so proud!

  • Angela TooHotforyou Beckum-All

    Like Really what is this world coming too…SMH

  • pyta

    this is bullshit…who makes up this trash?

  • Dully

    I have never heard such fuckry before in my lifetime. Can this person be rescued sounds like someone with a mental disorder needing help to halt this Self orchestrated mutilation.

  • Hurryupenbye

    He should remove his life from existence.

  • Henry Andres
  • jpt48234

    He does that for real and he’s a dummy. That’s not a head that thinks normal. Weird thoughts and doings only comes with the weird and if a person has time to think that weirdly is a straight up weirdo. Know moms and dad should be disappointed with how they raised Lil Jade

  • Angelicbeauty

    Welp! So much for Will and Jada’s parenting technique… to let the child make their own decisions. ..

    • BlackTar100 .

      Well by the time a “child” turns 18 they are legally an adult. So this d00d can whatever he likes.

      That being said, it’s too bad he didn’t try counseling first. The whole idea of cutting off your penis is cringey.

  • BlackTar100 .

    ““Just another step toward blurring the gender lines. Without a penis I’m neither male or female. I’m a human being.”

    No, you will still be male but without a penis.

    • 1965julie

      We’re all human beings anyway. This kid is a nut job.

  • reversalmushroom

    He’s trolling.

    If he’s not, he’s mentally ill.

  • LowRidaz

    Its the way he was raised, i blame the parents for giving them freedom to do whatever they wanted since kids. They said they wanted them to feel free to express themselves. Well will and jayda, here are the results.

  • Victro La

    Will should bring him with him next time he goes to Dubai. The kid may discover he wants to be an Afghan dancing boy instead

  • Kristin Ann Chisom

    Sick twisted corrupt people in this world. It’s one thing to have a sex change but it’s Psychotic to have your penis removed and gold it and use it as a trophy

    • Ricky Macwilliams

      You realize this is a parody news site right?

  • Ryan Smith

    Why can’t we as people be comfortable wit the gender we are given? God made us this way for a reason if we try to get it reversed or whatever that’s saying we are ashamed of gods creation of us and I don’t think we should be. Man that’s heartbreaking..

  • Jack

    Why don’t you just say you want to be a transgender wanna be sick freak instead of trying to make a big deal out of it you sidewalk sissy.

  • Kev Mor

    See thats the prob wit the music an TV brainwashing people the new generations all messed up an confused he talking about he wanna be a human being what a dumb ass u already are

  • Lisa Jordan

    Please do not do this, your parents should stop you , if this is not some insane joke, you are a very handsome young man ,just be a man, and Love yourself , God made you this way ,trust in the Lord ,read the bible and go to a Church that believes in Jesus, remember ,Adam, Eve was made for him, Adam an Eve ,not Adam an Steve, be strong, and be a leader not a follower, be who you were born to be. get married and pray to our Lord,he will lead you, sincerely Ms. Jordan., if you need a friend ,call me ,or email me, LisaJordan1230@gmail.com, 516-582-9794., God Loves You in Jesus name.

  • Melissa Romany

    Wat madness is this and just imagine my daughter likes and she’s only 3 wow some role model u are….

  • Kem West

    Like realy…all that live free parenting is bitting will and jada in the ass…like im so tatally praying for him and his family..smh..por guy..jus be gay or straight..dont cut it off..cant jus keep chopping off what ya dont lime your gonna look like Michael Jackson..js

  • Жора Сахарийский

    Can it get any more stupid!?


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