Grandpa fathers 11 kids in one month, Says it too damn hot to wear condoms

“Texas heat and these tight pants aren’t good for these Magnum XL I like to use… It’s nearly impossible to put a wallet in a pair of express slim fits, let alone 8 condoms, I stay booked”

Said 61 year old Marvin Williams, we learned that the month of may was a good month for the internet sensation grandfather. After he took his 18 year old grandson took him shopping things took a turn for the best, women of all ages were practically throwing themselves at 61 year old Houston Texas school teacher.

“PaPa retired years ago, it’s nothing to slide in baby girl’s DM… 4th of July weekend was lit and it’s not getting any cooler, Bald Weenie is the Gang I rep.”
We later found out that he recently landed a 200k dollar a year contract to be the new face of Viagra and has no plans on letting the Houston Texas heat slow him down, he said the only thing he worries about is his prostate health.

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