Giant Mutant Rats Plague New York City As 4 Homeless Men Found Eaten Alive

Fear continues to grow in New York City as an epidemic of monstrous rodents are emerging from the sewers and attacking homeless people sleeping in the streets. One image, reportedly taken in the city captured by a maintenance worker, shows a giant rat that weighs nearly 45 pounds.
This is just one of the rats that was captured while eating a homeless man who was passed out from drinking an entire bottle of E&J Brandy. Unfortunately, the unidentified man did not survive. He was just one of 4 homeless people who were found dead last week by these rodent attacks.
Pest-control experts warned that these giant rats will become more common in the United States as more households get careless of how they discard their leftover food.

“Rats aren’t just chewing on leftover celery and lettuce from restaurant dumpsters anymore,” said Ralph Petra, pest control expert. “They are getting a hold of fast food burgers, french fries, and chicken wings – Fattening and genetically modified. It is turning these rats into superhuman rodents. I’ve seen these things kill dogs and cats. Unfortunately, now they have worked their way up to also eating humans.”

One thing these homeless victims had in common was drugs and alcohol use. They were helpless and unable to defend themselves, as they were passed out from being under the influence, turning themselves into a “rodent buffet.” The corners office released a statement saying they believe none of the victims suffered, that they had bled to death before they could regain consciousness.

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