Boy Suffers from Unknown Deadly Disease with No Cure!

Zachary was picked up from school by his mother Mandy, complaining that he was itching all over his body – naturally, she believed he’d touched poison ivy.
After rubbing a soothing cream on his body the night before, the rash had covered all areas of Zach the next day – with his temperature sky high. Doctors prescribe him medication believing its a viral infection, but they had no affect.
One nurse believed Zach had Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which attacks the mucous membranes and skin.

The syndrome is an allergic reaction to specific drugs, which Zach had received a few days earlier to help with a terrible migraine. His lungs and 90 percent of skin are affected by this horrible infection…
He’s quickly put in an artificial coma so doctors can remove the top layer of his skin – with plastic covering him until his body develops a new layer. One month later, Zach is out of his coma…

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