Barack Obama Kisses Prime Minister On Live TV! (PHOTOS)

Barrack Obama recently removed a picture of himself kissing the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls after reading several comments on the picture where friends and political rivals called the picture “gay” and “French.”
The President of the United States attempted to claim “no homo” after several comments made by Obama’s Facebook friends Dr. Ben Carson and Mitt Romney stated that Obama was about to taste that man’s baguette, but then Joe Biden stepped in to point out that the “no homo clause” could only be enacted three hours after the post is made making it six hours too late for President Obama.
Then, Sean Hannity tweeted:

“OMG…Obama kisses boys! LOL!”
Bill O’Reilly tweeted:

“Just google dat sh*t! Obama kiss man! He kiss so many men”

Several of Obama friends have come to Obama’s defense with comments like “you go, boy” and “simply fabulous.” The president tried to explain that kissing on the cheek was a custom practiced in France for centuries to Henry Kissinger via Facebook but soon just decided to delete the picture after Kissinger sent an invitation to Obama for a “What Glee Kid Are you?” quiz.

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