8 Ways To Make Sure Your Daughter Won’t Become a Mudshark

Nothing is more terrifying to a father of a beautiful White* daughter than to see her walk hand in
hand with a Negro who will ultimately abuse her emotionally, physically, financially or socially.
Then he will inherit grandchildren who do not remotely resemble him.

Here are some tips you as parents can use to hopefully ensure your daughter doesn’t go the Nicole Brown path.

1. Do not allow television programs featuring interracial relationships or White men appearing inferior to “Negroe Knights.”

The media loves picking the fit buck Negroes for commercials, television programs and other visual garbage and putting them next to weak, feminine and pathetic White men. They are trying to say “pick Terry Crews with his 8-pack and huge penis or this weak balding White guy.”

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  • Jason Williams

    Cant logically talk her out of being a “mudshark” when the heat of the moments there she’s going for it.

    • Pancho Vee

      She gone fuck

  • Marcus Mickey

    Just let them suck that DICK 😂😂😂✊


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